North Strabane Fire Department

North Strabane Township Fire Department 2550 Washington Road / Canonsburg, PA 15317 Non-Emergency: 724-745-1010 / Emergency: 9-1-1

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2016 Line Officers
Fire Chief Mark Grimm
Deputy Fire Chief Brad Simpson
First Captain Josh Hofrichter
Second Captain Rich Yosi
Third Captain Chris Chiprich
Fourth Captain Bernie Skinner
Fifth Captain Chad Brewer
Safety Officer Glenn Eger
2016 Executive Officers
President Doug Zywan
Vice President Brad Simpson
Secretary Kim Bonifield
Treasurer Steve Motzer
Financial Secretary Brian Spicer
Trustees Rick Opfermann, Patrick Donley, Jeff Spinneweber
Current Life Members (Date Joined)
Joe Talpas 01/27/1967
Joe Gudac 02/19/1967
Gary Zimak, Sr. 01/10/1972
Ed Backner 07/03/1972
Albert Paul 07/30/1973
Brian Spicer 08/18/1976
Steve Motzer 11/07/1979
Joe Wiszczor 10/02/1987
Jim Pierce, Sr. 11/16/1987
Rich Crothers 02/06/1988
Don Kozak 02/04/1989
Jim Pierce, Jr. 06/15/1989
Gary Zimak, Jr. 05/05/1993
Jeff Snyder 08/02/1995
Active Members (Date Joined)
Steve Motzer 11/07/1979
Joe Wisczczor 10/02/1987
Gabe Prince 10/07/1998
Joshua Hofrichter  06/05/2002
Bernard Skinner 10/03/2005
Mark Grimm 01/07/2006
Brad Simpson 05/07/2007
Glenn Edwards 10/01/2007
Peter Coffey 02/04/2008
Chad Brewer 07/01/2008
Josh Kozak 10/01/2008
Jeff Spinneweber 04/06/2009
Rich Yosi 05/19/2009
Chris Chiprich 05/18/2010
Robert Davis 01/03/2011
Tim Liedl 09/03/2012
Glen Eger 10/01/2012
Bob Wasik 01/01/2013
Jeff Platt 02/08/2013
Rebekah Coffey 08/05/2013
Matt Davis 10/01/2013
Doug Zywan 11/04/2013
Patrick Donley 03/03/2014
Nick Gerstel 07/01/2014
Dominic Sicchitano 07/01/2014
David Fair 07/01/2014
Dante Sicchitano 07/01/2014
Joseph Witkowski 07/01/2014
Travis McVay 07/01/2014
Jason Brown 07/01/2014
Rick Opfermann 08/04/2014
Inactive Members (Date Joined)
Joel Hudson  08/04/2014
Terry Hickman
Probationary Members (Application Date)
Nathan Pascoe 11/05/2012
Nate Sprowls
Brett Dugan
Jill McVay
Roxanne Eger
Junior Members (Application Date)
Sierra Cannon 07/21/2015
Associate Member (Date Joined)
Ed Childers 07/07/2008
Kim Bonifield  01/04/2010
Brandon Neuman  06/06/2011
Honorary Members (Date Joined)
Callie Rose 02/02/2015
Savannah Partridge 09/12/2016

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